1966 Pop Culture Files by Year

If we are to think and look back at the year 1966 for music, there is only one thing that comes into our minds— it is basically the year for rock n’ roll pop!


We should be thanking the Beatles, Dylan and the Beach Boys for making this year yet the funkiest rock n’ roll generation. Basically, this is when where it all started!


What’s the most creative year ever for rock ‘n’ roll? Fans, critics and scholastics have any number of watershed years they can point to in the over six many years of post-World War II mainstream music comprehensively characterized as a rock.


Now, let’s take a look at the timeline…

Before 1966 Rock Music


There’s 1954, the year Bill Haley and His Comets’ “Rock Around the Clock” flagged the flashpoint of rock ‘n’ roll, and Elvis Presley originally ventured up to a mouthpiece at Sam Phillips’ Sun Studio in Memphis, Tenn.


Or then again 1964, the year Beatlemania detonated the world over and the dispatch of the British Invasion.


Try not to dishonor 1967, with the Summer of Love, the blooming of blossom control and hallucinogenic music.


Some remain by 1977, which saw the landing of that “youthful, noisy and nasty” music called punk rock.


The start of the cutting edge period maybe took off in 1982, when Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five’s “The Message” put rap music on the national guide.


All the more as of late, the case is made for 2001, which gave us the introduction of iTunes and re-imagined — just as widened — how we tune in.


Terms, for example, “best,” “most edifying” or “most significant” are on the whole exceptionally emotional, obviously. Yet, 50 years down the line, a case can be made that 1966 may have been the absolute most innovatively sweeping year of all.