Ask Mr Pop History

The Hardest Questions in Pop Music

All of us basically have questions with music… not just the simple “what inspires this music?” or “what is the message of this song”. But if you are really an avid Pop music enthusiast then you probably have such exquisite questions that Mr. Pop History could ever answer of.


But don’t worry… cause we are up to it!


Here are a few most common questions about Pop Music and our answers to it!


1. “Is cultural appropriation okay?”


When we say cultural appropriate it usually involves the demonstration of making workmanship that goes after new thoughts crosswise over lines of race and class – ever worthy in popular music?


Finding an answer expects us to clear up the distinction among robbery and impact, or all the more explicitly, taking and making.


2. Should we listen to music against a dead artist’s wishes?


Everything, when it comes to death, felt unreal, we pay attention to the fact that we are honouring and remembering a lot of single greatest musicians of theirs and our time which then vanished from this world leaving us a will— their music.


The thought of them and their music makes us think that they are still living with us… or that they thought they could live forever with their music. The answer? It is never a wish but it is a legacy they have left, a footprint on the sand.


3. Can we separate art from the artist?


They are called artists because music is their art, writing songs is their art. However, there are still reasons from these.


Take it an example— when a notable artist suddenly does something intolerable, we then start to lose our grip on the art itself. It is as if the once good music they had somehow now had a bad grip, bad art and bad faith.

However, music is an act of empathy, right? How could a musician with such an intimate understanding of the human condition choose to violate someone else’s humanity so heartlessly? Now you take it from there.