Ask Mr Pop History Q1429

Today we Answer, Coachella 2018

No one can deny the fact that Coachella is indeed one of the most look forward event in every year- Music, dances, and singing are among the most enjoyed activities in the event. This is indeed joined by a lot of celebrities in Hollywood and crowded with all music goers and enthusiast in all parts of the world.

Today, let us ask Mr. Pop and take a look at how the last year’s Coachella had made a huge hump to the entire music world. And should we be expecting more to the year 2019?

Coachella 2018 and Beyonce

Did you know that Beyonce is the first ever African American Woman to headline Coachella?

In the wake of dropping her appearance at the California melodic celebration a year ago given her pregnancy, Beyoncé returned to feature the occasion in 2018 and wasn’t bashful about recognizing the significance existing apart from everything else, which the Internet immediately named “Beychella.” Her previous Destiny’s Child bandmates, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland, joined her dramatic.

Indeed for the year 2019, everyone is asking Beyonce to the Coachella headline once and for all! Should we be calling her Diva? Yonce? or Beychella! 

What We Learned From Beychella

Beyoncé’s featuring set at Coachella in 2018 was an ace class in pop execution: an immediately notable festival of darkness, HBCUs and her own memorable 22-year vocation. She was initially slated to feature in 2017 after her Formation World Tour, yet an unexpected pregnancy — with twins, regardless — deferred her appearance. Rather than reproducing her Lemonade-period appears, she planned something altogether new. It’s this show, presently referred to just as Beychella, that is recorded in Homecoming.