6 Tips for Bands on Leveraging SEO



There are many reasons why, as a musician, a band, or an orchestra, you will want to drive more traffic to your website. If you’re simply an artist needing to direct fans to your own curated online portal, so you’ll relay and display exactly want you wish to and within the way you see fit, that’s a reason itself. If you’re a musician searching for a band or looking to collaborate then you’ll have a web site demonstrating your talents on a particular instrument (or instruments, for you overachieving intellect types) and maybe relevant past experience, that you just want people to be able to find easily through search.

SEO are often to a small degree intimidating for beginners, thanks to information overload and also the knowledge that Google et al are forever meddling – sorry, making constant, carefully considered updates – to the programme algorithms. This won’t matter that much for several of you, as all you’ll really want to agonize with is making it easy for search engines to spot that your website is that the official one for your band; so you’ll just have to confirm the domain, the content and also the imagery reflect this!

With this in mind, we’ve put together what we deem to be the foremost important and best SEO tips for beginners which will facilitate your crack the code of SEO. Otherwise, you might want to consider checking out SEO companies for SEO help from experts.

1. Create Great, Relevant, Shareable Content

Content is kind! Creating content that individuals want to test out (and hopefully share) will drive traffic to your site, whether it’s images, tour/studio diaries, song lyrics or poetry. Processes and workflow, alongside your actual work, will increase the likelihood of individuals finding your website (and you), if you’re a composer or songwriter, posting content about your credentials. If you’re band who specialize in playing 90’s rave anthems, then your content has to scream this (or a minimum of say it loudly and clearly). If you’re a session guitarist searching for work, or a cellist searching for a gap in an orchestra in specific area, ensure your content reflects this.

2. Competitor Analysis

Among the highest SEO tips for beginners, the most effective thanks to master SEO is by learning from your competitors (or contemporaries; a nicer way of observing them). There are plenty of free and cheap tools available to assist identify which keywords they’re ranking for, which websites are linking to them, and what opportunities you’re missing out on. Supported these insights, you’ll come up with a method that matches (or is healthier than) your competitors. So if you’re a celebration band searching for add Manchester, simply discover which bands are ranking highest for queries like ‘party band Manchester’, ‘wedding band Manchester’ etc. and see what they’re doing to realize this. Some stuff are obvious; the content they need on their website pages and the way it’s formatted, the keywords they use within the all-important title tags and maybe how briskly their site loads.


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3. Keyword Research

This won’t always be a necessity, but trying to find which keywords people rummage around for within your niche and in what numbers, by informing which keywords you include in your content may perhaps help boost traffic to your site. For example, if you recognize that 100 people a month explore for ‘punk bands Manchester’ but you reside in nearby Stockport, and ‘punk bands Stockport’ only gets 10 searches a month, you would possibly want to optimise your site for the previous. If you’re a piano tutor, a session musician, a vocalist, a percussion player – it doesn’t matter what your musical vocation, knowing what keywords people search can facilitate your get more traffic to your site and acquire more work.

4. Optimise On-Page Elements

Whether it’s just your band or artist name or additional keywords associated with your work, there are certain elements, certain places, where these words should be included so as for you, of ranking well and getting traffic, to maximize your chances. Elements like page title, meta description, URL, and header tags are what this includes. Instead of going into all of those here, we’re visiting directly you to the present handy guide from computer program experts MOZ. On-page optimization, together with having your band name in your domain, is your best bet if you’re a band and easily want your official website to look Top of the Pops within the search results.

5. Fix Technical Issues

Fixing any technical issues on your site that might be affecting your SEO efforts is vital. Such issues might include broken links (where a link goes nowhere or to a blunder page, either because the link address includes a typo or the page has been removed), indexing issues (i.e. your site isn’t being indexed by Google for a few reasons) and mobile usability issues. Ensure you employ Google’s (free!) tool Search Console to urge information from the massive G themselves (Google, not God) about any technical issues on your site, especially if it’s just launched. The tool sends you email alerts so you’ll quickly identify any indexing issues, 404 errors (where a page can not be found), server errors, and security issues on your site.

6. Create an excellent UX (User Experience)

User experience may be a crucial element in SEO because ‘dwell time’ (the length of your time an individual spends observing a page after they’ve clicked a link in search results before clicking back to the results) significantly influences your computer program ranking. The higher your site user experience is, the longer your dwell time will be! Besides this, a nasty user experience increases the ‘bounce rate’ (a bounce is when people leave a site having only viewed one page), which negatively affects your site performance. That’s why enhancing user experience and making your site content as interesting, relevant, fun and filled with interesting features as possible not only leaves your visitors satisfied, but also helps cause more visitors within the first place!