How Data Science Benefits Music

Data science and music is a mixture which can confuse plenty of people. After all, how can music be affected by data? Don’t musicians come up with their music or sing songs depending on what they deem is excellent? The answer is a little more complex than that.

Apparently, the way we listen and receive music has evolved. Several decades ago, albums were marketed in cases and compact discs (CDs) which majority of consumers would purchase from selected sellers. Singers would go on trip, connect with fans and that was it. Now, with popularity of social media, things have definitely evolved.

The Evolution Of Music Analytics

data science bootcamp London encourages big music businesses to analyze trends and see what the next big trend might be. Huge companies like Spotify always issue trends according to the type of music their listeners are always listening to. Music corporations can instantly take advantage of this data accessible to see the trajectory of the type of song which might interest the large audience.

If the trend is leaning upwards, for instance, dance music, they’ll be sure to poke their musicians to generate such music. In the same case, the release of songs and albums can also be managed by utilizing ‘music analytics’

Building The Next Major Hit

What comes to your mind the moment you hear the words ‘hit song’? Chances are, you think about a special artist or band, perhaps a song or maybe the flow or the popular lyrics in the background which truly makes a song more popular among the other songs. If your responses were the same to what we’ve discussed, then we’ve established our point. That may upset you but try to understand us: major music companies usually generate the same booming music from different artists.


As you can see, data science has considerably influenced the music industry. While the main motive behind using data science has been to get as much sales as possible, there is no doubting that making use of data science in the music industry has grown the industry more than anyone could have think of.