Can Your Paintings Be Inspired By Music?

Woman painting while listening to music


Perhaps you have gone into a musical theater and undergone a bodily response? The sound waves that travel into your ears probably elicit physical and psychological responses like goosebumps on your arms or tears on your mind.

Music affects our disposition, lifts us up, touches our hearts, creates our toes to tap to the beat of the percussion.

Music is only a set of notes translated by means of a musician. The artist plays the audio, which subsequently stimulates the small hairs in our ears, and our mind hears the sensory message. When the mind accomplishes the songs, we assess the noise and react with delight, despair, or annoyance, including.

Artistic areas can encourage each other with inspiration, also affect energy, emotion, and motivation inside every creative undertaking.

I believe each of the artistic areas is alike — linked by speech, the communicating of thoughts, audience reaction, enrichment of culture, spawning imagination in other people (as an instance, medicine, technology, technology could obtain inspiration for the arts).

Artists — if composing, diamond painting, sculpting, acting, or even enjoying audio — use comparable phrases in their disciplines. Harmony, unity, rhythm, and motion, equilibrium, and accent are all examples of phrases and factors over the arts. It’s no surprise that we respond and feel a relationship with another.

Knowing that audio can create such powerful emotional responses can assist artists using their creative procedure. Music can be quite helpful, directing artistic aims through brush marks and color choices.

I begin my creative process together with “What are my goals?”


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I start my painting aims with a notion, such as communication vitality, pizazz, or even an uplifting feeling. I choose music using higher energy (including Aerosmith or even Elle King) to allow me to move, smile, and create expressive lively marks. The marks created in this procedure convey as much into the viewer as the audio. After listening, think about the option of songs and the way it reflects in your artistic aims.

There are instances once I want to focus while painting. My realistic portraits need calm, considerate brushwork, and also my go-to audio is classical, Latin guitar, or even Loreena McKennitt. As music can assist your markers making, it may also slow your artistic stream.

I frequently use music with pupils, encouraging automatic answers to what they listen to. Music that disturbs the artist often has a damaging effect on the painting effects. Unpleasant music frequently generates dark, powerful marks or, in its extreme, a blank stare at a blank canvas.

I challenge you to think about your aims and procedure every day at the studio. Experiment with unique types of music and the way those designs impact your mark creating and color choices. Pick music that inspires the ideal marks to your intended result.

Compile playlists that will give you unique inspirations. I’ve got one playlist that’s full of real-time music, yet another for lively rhythm, and yet another for an assortment of fashions.

Know your aims, set the music, and allow your paintbrush fly to communicate your own thoughts into a visual dialog.