Disk Drive: Music while Driving; Good or Bad?

The effect of music on the driver of a car is not yet fully understood.

Of course, scientists have conducted various studies and tests to find out what kind of music distracts the driver, and what kind allows you to cheer up on a long journey. However, there is no exact data yet. Therefore, drivers continue to reverently select modern acoustic systems for their own cars. And renting a car with good sound is much more relevant than renting a vehicle without high-quality musical equipment.

Effect of music on the driver

The impact of music on humans has been studied for a very long time. In medical practice, classical music is used, which relaxes a person and promotes a speedy recovery. Scientists recently conducted tests that showed that heavy music listeners have a higher IQ level than modern pop and rap fans. However, these readings do not answer the question in any way – can music cause accidents on the road?

The positive impact of music

Nice music can relax the driver and help him concentrate on the road. Moreover, on a long and tiring trip, you can’t do without rhythmic music. And if the driver is forced to drive at night and feels sleepy, then it is the music that can cheer him up and prevent him from falling asleep while driving. Of course, the music should not be relaxing, but dynamic.

The negative impact of music

It’s not for nothing that novice drivers do not turn on the radio while driving, as it greatly distracts from the driving process. A trivial example when, due to too loud music, the driver does not hear the signals of other drivers. Scientists have noticed that too loud music reduces hearing, unnerves, drives a person into a state of stress, a person gets very irritated and gets tired quickly.

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This really has a huge impact on the quality of driving. Especially if the driver does not have sufficient experience and cannot quickly respond to emergencies.

Scientists also conducted an experiment in which drivers with at least 7 years of driving experience took part. The participants in the experiment were put in a virtual car and played different music to test how the driver would react to different situations.

People who listened to dynamic music were more likely to get into accidents, as they were more likely to violate traffic rules. People listening to relaxing music were less likely to get into trouble, but they were also distracted. And only the drivers who drove without music followed all traffic rules and did not get into accidents.

Thus, it can be noted that the music still distracts drivers.

Especially if an aggressive song with a dynamic rhythm sounds in the cabin. Most drivers unconsciously adjust to the rhythm of the music, start driving faster than they should, do not notice traffic signs, signals from other drivers, and even the red color of traffic lights.

However, in order not to fall asleep while driving at night, drivers are advised to turn on special auto-radio stations, where melodic and relaxed music sounds.