Grow Your Garden Plants To Music

Studies show that the music you play in your garden can have an effect on the growth of your plants. Therefore, aside from getting the perfect fencing panels for your plants, it is important to let them grow to music.

Do plants have ears?

They don’t have actually but a study at the University of Western Australia indicates that plants have much more developed and complex senses than you have ever imagined with the capacity to respond and detect music and sounds to find water and eventually survive. In the study published in Oecologia, UWA scholars found that plants can detect sound vibrations from moving running water in pipes or in the ground, to help their roots move to the water source.

The study also found that plants don’t like certain noises and will shy away from certain sounds. A 1973 study found that plants exposed to the Fa note for 8 hours straight died within two weeks. At the same time, plants that were only exposed to sound for three hours at a time were healthier compared to plants that grew in complete silence.

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Plants love jazz

If you treat plants as precious as possible, they should be fine. Maybe you shouldn’t give them sherry every night, but you get the stereotype. Plants tend to appreciate jazz and classical music and turn their leaves and roots towards the source of the sound. Try playing classics to your plants. They might like them even more than you do.

Plants are a great audience

Do you know someone who has a knack for hearing things in music that other people don’t seem to notice? You should also ask your plant for more in-depth musical information. They tend to thrive on listening to sounds and music in the frequencies between 115 Hz and 250 Hz, as the vibrations produced by such music imitate similar sounds in nature.

These sounds can cause plant stomata to stay open longer causing them to breathe more deeply, which speeds up growth. Studies show that talking to your plant, which is also an excellent listener, makes it stronger and helps it relax.