How One’s Interest in Violin Can Influence Choosing Between a Horizontal or Vertical Bow

While debates over crossbows vs. vertical bows continue, the matter of deciding which archery equipment is better, still depends on what works well for users. If one is also interested in learning how to play violin, the right choice would be a vertical bow. Mainly because the kind of posture and muscles used in both the musical and the sports instruments are very similar.

On the other hand, those who will be trying archery for the first time, but do not have the time to spend on hours of practice to perfect their posture; or have enough energy and strength to draw a bow string, can do well with a crossbow. More so if they are into the sport mainly for hunting purposes.

A Glimpse at an Archery Program Integrated as Part of a Violin Masterclass

It may interest violinists to know that in Israel, there’s a music center called Keshet Eilon, dedicated to training young gifted violinists. The center strengthens and supports their talent so they can reach the highest level in their future careers as musicians.

Sometime in 2006, a master violin maker named Amnon Weinstein became interested in archery and had invited a violinist friend to try the sport. Weinstein was impressed at how his friend was able to adopt the techniques that archery beginners ordinarily take one week to learn.

As one of the founders of Keshet Eilon, Weinstein initiated an archery program for integration as part of the music center’s Mastercourse for violin. The innovation gained worldwide recognition, as it was proven that young violinists not only learned quickly, but also improved their posture and confidence.

Crossbow Archery : Quickest Way to Go Into Bow Hunting

Many beginner bowmen prefer to join hunting expeditions over simply hitting the bullseye of a target board. That is why they decide to use a crossbow as hunting equipment. After all, crossbows are beginner friendly devices because they do not require much, even in terms of physical strength, when learning how to shoot accurately. When hunting in overgrown thickets or in tight spaces, a crossbow is more compact to use. If intending to shift from gun to bow, rifle or shotgun hunters can easily transition with a crossbow because they experience the same feel and action.

Nonetheless, ease of use offered by crossbows still requires personal assessment when choosing a brand of horizontal bow. The main criteria is not the cost, because there’s an array of crossbows priced at less than $500 whilst effective for beginner use. Just like choosing a vertical bow, it’s also important to have a feel of the grip when judging a crossbow’s ease of use. One has to make sure that his or her grip will prevent the horizontal bow from moving when the trigger mechanism is actuated.

Barnett is an example of a known brand of affordable, high quality crossbows specifically designed for beginners. The Whitetail Hunter II by barnett reviewed and recommended by many first time crossbow beginners, is among the top favorites. Yet in order to prove if it’s an excellent personal choice, it’s important to actually handle one, in order to have a feel of its grip and of the manageability of its draw weight.

The pros and cons cited by horizontal and vertical bow debaters are also helpful, but at the end of the day, buying decisions for archery equipment should be based on one’s personal and actual assessment.