Is it still Relevant to Collect Vinyl Records?

With all the digital songs and music streaming platforms that are filling the internet and smartphone app market, you may be bedazzled answering the question: Why should you buy and/or collect Vinyl Records? First of all, you can get the music you want by watching it from any video sharing website, download it from the internet or simply listen to it to a music streaming service.

Quite frankly, there are two straightforward answers to this:

  1. You’re a TRUE audiophile and;
  2. You have this weird fetish in the sound of pure analog recordings

It could also be the reason that you just loved the packaging, turntables and aesthetics of vinyl records. Simple as that or, it could be all of it. Besides, vinyl gives you that sentimental value about albums. It has this tactile feel that no digital music can even match.

But is it Smart to Buy Vinyl these days?

Vinyl record nowadays is your only path to buying music that can potentially give you ROI on your investment in the future. In most instances, reselling digital file is nearly impossible and CDs have virtually no value on secondary market.

Unlike with vinyl records regardless if it is new or old, it’s able to keep much of its value as long as your copy is in mint condition and there’s high demand for that particular title. By deciding to sell it, especially to collectors, you are in to make big bucks.

The Missing Pieces are the Best

There are certain elements of vinyl records as well as analog recordings that can be noticed almost instantly. Analog aficionados oftentimes attribute warmth to pure analog sound. Actually, this is a result of the limitations of analog in capturing and reproducing sounds specifically in low end of the mix. With digital recordings, it’s more detailed and accurate.

These gaps that analog music is missing are what creating slight abstraction that’s pleasing to the ears.

Old Meets New

As for the turntable that you’re about to buy to play your vinyl records, it’s like buying a carpet. You need to scrutinize everything down to the finer details. You need to be in the right source like going to to ensure that you’re making the right purchase for rugs. Same with the turntable, you are better off buying with a new one than vintage units as it is more expensive to repair.