Music that Match Your Cleaning Habit

According to researches, a person’s productivity has been connected to music or listening to it. Moreover, music has many benefits including the beneficial effect of music education to children. This comes true for repetitive tasks like writing or making a report. For example, in the academic point of view, listening to classical music while reviewing or reading helps someone to retain the information being read.


However, does listening to music also affect the other activities such as sweeping or mopping the floor, dusting or washing the dishes? Some people are used to it, listening to music while doing the house chores. The type of music that someone might have to listen may vary from each individual. 


Below are some song suggestions that you may consider while cleaning your place. This is somehow funny and interesting, but surely this will be of great help in completing your goal: clean the house efficiently.


House Cleaning Activities


House cleaning is boring and stressful. However, to make it definitely fun and exciting, try to have some music while doing the chores. It will help you to be more productive and will let you finish in a shorter span of time. Also to make it exciting, try to have some music matching in each house cleaning activities. Below are some suggestions that might interest you.


Dish washing


Most of us are still washing the dishes by hand. There is this “Splish splashclassical song during the 1960’s which can be a perfect match while you wash the dishes.


Sweeping the floor


Sweeping the floor needs some energy exertion just like what Commercial Cleaners in North West London did. So, for its music match it should be something lively, happy and something that can make you move to the beat. Pop songs would be a good choice for this cleaning activity.




Dusting is a disgusting activity especially for allergy sufferers or asthmatic individuals. However, a song that match for it is something like Uptown Funk. It has a moderate tempo, not so slow nor so fast. Further, this kind of music may also let you sway your hips a little bit.


Cleaning the bathroom


This cleaning activity is something that isn’t liked by many. However, incorporating it with some music would make it a little funny. Try to match this activity with Maroon 5’s “You Make Me Believe in Love Again”. A little bit funny though, but definitely can help you enjoy this cleaning activity.


Your Music Preference and Your Cleaning Activity


As discussed earlier, every individual have different choice of music. So, the right match to your cleaning activity would primarily depends on your music preference. But, surely, having music around while cleaning the house would let you enjoy the task.