The 5 Stages of Music Production

Music producers have their own method of executing music production. You have to prepare your own methodologies of music production if you want to perfect your craft. It is like with your camper life, you must be mindful of your surroundings and take into account of your experience to have an even better camping next time.

Going back to making music, this is something that involves technical and creative approaches. You can’t be doing the same trick over and over. With constant practice, you get to learn how you can move in between technical and creative mindsets throughout the entire process of music production. The ability of prioritizing two mindsets would help a lot in making you work more efficiently without having to lose momentum.

Where to Start in Music Production?

If you are serious in producing music and want to make this a career, then the following may be helpful on your end.


This stage focuses on the brainstorming and generating ideas. The process of composition is something that involves creating harmonic, rhythmic and melodic ideas. The choices that you made in such stage will then define the genre of the song, its style and vibe.


Arranging music is an art in itself. You have to take your musical ideas and lay them along the timeline in order to build the final musical piece.

The arrangement also provides the space to edit, arrange and finish songs. Simply speaking, this stage lets you to assemble the entire structure of your song.

Sound Design and Production

Sound design is the foundation of every electronic music production. This stage involves sampling, synthesis as well as sound manipulation by using production techniques and effects.


With regards to audio mixing, it is a process used to combine multiple audio layers to create one final track. Mixdown process ensures that all parts of the song sounds great together. Besides, mixing consists of panning sounds, balancing levels, equalizing, harmonics enhancing, compressing, fixing problems as well as adding different effects.


This serves as the final stage in the process of music production. The post-production process of taking audio mix or the album as well as preparation for distribution.