The Relationship Between Tattoos and Music

Self-expression can take on many forms. Some can be seen in bespoke tattoos, which are a popular type of art. Tattoos had a negative connotation in society back then, and were associated with drug addicts, crackheads who liked screamo rock music, and convicts. However, individuals in our area of Manchester, New Hampshire, have lately opened their eyes to a more favorable impression of tattoos. Even doctors, nurses, and lawyers have them and regard them as a form of self-expression rather than a reason for harassment in the workplace. From this realization, tattoo artists were able to demonstrate their work by inking people’s bodies and treating them like a blank canvas.

So, why are musicians so fond of tattoos?

Being a musician does not always imply that you must communicate yourself simply via notes and words. The famous rapper/singer Post Malone, who is known not only for his banger music but also for the hand-made tattoo designs all over his body, is an illustration of the connection among tattoos and music.

The “Johnny Cash Portrait,” for instance, is one of his tattoos. He was such a fan of Johnny Cash that he had a likeness of him tattooed on his arm as an homage. He has photos of Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Kurt Kobain, Dimebag Darrel, Bankroll Fresh, George Harrison, and Stevie Ray Vaughan on his knuckles in addition to Cash.

His multiple face tattoos, however, have made him even more famous now. In an interview, he explained that the “Stay Away” tattoo over his brow is only a song lyric and a tribute to Nirvana’s song of the same name. He also mentioned that it served as a reminder to be fully present.

You can see how essential body ink is to musicians in expressing their feelings, as indicated in this discussion. “Without them, [I] wouldn’t be doing music right now,” Post admitted in an interview. This sentiment does not simply apply to Post Malone, but to all musicians. There are many more extensively tattooed musicians, but listing them all and the implications of their bespoke tattoos would take all day.