VWLS Latest Music Video Features 200 Drones Lip-syncing in the Sky

Hobbes animators and Firefly recently collaborated to create a music video where 200 drones lip-synched the music of VWLS musicians Josh Epstein and Louie Louie.

Just when many of us are feeling deprived of music events and videos that can truly excite our senses, the Hobbes animators and Firefly Drone Shows team-up created a spectacular video in launching VWLS’ new single “High in Heaven.” The uniqueness of the music video is highlighted by the fact that a flock of 200 remote-controlled unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) lip-synched the vocals across the sky .

Actually, the drones were utilized as if they were pixels for creating a 300-foot tall image of a facial image that can be viewed from afar; whilst singing to the post-electronica music of VWLS, a two-man band capable of producing sound of rock-edge music as if coming from five or six musicians.

How Hobbes Made the Music Video

In order to accurately capture the human resemblance. Detroit-based Hobbes used real-time face recognition and remote-controlled drones to create a monolithic portrait. The face projected by the fleet of drones suggested an image of an unmovable stone carving traced with confident lines. Using Hobbes’ proprietary technology, the image was able to convey proper expressions while lip-synching with accurate precision to the vocals rendered by the two VWLS musicians. The two were quite amazed at how the image projected the right energy whenever music escalated.

According to Hobbes, the main goal of the video is to convey balance of similarity and abstraction of the human face. They recorded all facial details while still keeping a good distance among crew members, and through the drone technology, they were able to send tracking data through email. According to Hobbes, they chose to collaborate with Firefly as the firm’s exclusive test field allowed them to maintain safe distancing as required even when filming drone flights.

The Firefly Drone Shows company is one of few organizations approved by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) to professionally provide drone performances for use in corporate and private events held actually or virtually for local or international viewing.