Why I Find Music Crucial in Rehearsing for a Basketball Game

The Importance of Basketball

For almost ten years now, basketball has been my favorite sport, hobby, quality time with my dad, and a great way to temporarily escape from worries and dramas, and of course a great form of exercise. I believe basketball is the most important and beneficial sport for me because it is the sport that help realize the importance of leadership, dedication on what you are doing, and teamwork. And I am beyond happy because all those values have been useful to me now that I am already working in the corporate world. I have learned that anything a team wants to achieve will be successful if there is teamwork.

Basketball was first introduced to me when I was ten years old. My dad called my name to play with him in our garage. He taught me step by step how to play such sport. And ever since that day there is no week that I will not be playing basketball. When I turned 11 years old, and my dad noticed that I am good in playing basketball, he re-decorate our garage and bought the best Best In-Ground Basketball Hoop.

When I entered high school, I was so happy because my Physical Education class involves playing basketball. During that time, one of the teachers who was currently the head of the sports club said that I have a lot of potential when it comes to playing basketball and that he wants to train me and be part of the school’s varsity. With no hesitation, I said I am very much willing to.

Why Music is Crucial in Basketball Training

I remember that our training is every Wednesday and Friday. I would honestly say that there was a time when I got bored because I am just doing the same thing over and over again. And then one time, my trainer probably noticed it and suddenly put on some music. Of course, my reaction changed as well as my performance. I even noticed it myself that I became more motivated and energized when there is some background.

Ever since that time, we all saw the importance of music and how it can change the vibe during basketball training.