Why R. Kelly Made it to the Top of Google’s Most Searched Musician in 2019

American singer-songwriter R. Kelly marked another milestone when his name appeared as the number one, most searched musician in 2019. Unfortunately, the reason why R. Kelly was the most searched personality in the music industry is not his musical achievements but the child prostitution charges that had been brought against him by different trial courts in the U.S.

As we are a website engaged featuring music-related articles, we are providing herewith a brief explanation on why of all musicians, a fading 52-year old R & B singer of the 90s emerged as the most searched music icon in 2019.

Why R. Kelly Became the Most Searched Musician on Google in 2019?

Although celebrated in the late 90s as one of the greatest Rhythm & Blues singers of the era, R. Kelly’s fame as a musician was riddled with allegations of paedophilia, abuse and predatory behavior toward women. Well remembered as a 3-time Grammy Award winner, the American singer-songwriter iconic composition is “I Believe I Can Fly” a hip-hop music used as theme song in Michael Jordan’s 1996 hit movie “Space Jam “

The renewed interest in knowing who R. Kelly is, came about when in January, Lifetime Entertainment Services of A&E Networks,released a documentary series entitled “Surviving R. Kelly.” Produced and presented via the Lifetime paid television channel, activist Tanya Burke, nascent R&B musician John Legend, fellow 90s R & B artist Sparkle, and talkshow host Wendy Williams ushered in more than 50 interviews that gave light to all the accusations of physical, mental and sexual abuse against R. Kelly.

Spanning the singer’s illustrious career since 1990, the 6-part documentary brought forward a host of young women who gave voice to the life of anguish and despair they went through while living with the singer, or in becoming the object of R. Kelly’s predatory behavior.

The search for information about R. Kelly was sustained when “Surviving R. Kelly.” went on to earn nominations for Primetime Emmy’s Outstanding Informational Series Or Special“ award and TCA’s Outstanding Achievement in News and Information. Lifetime subsequently bagged the MTV Movie and TV – Best Documentary Award.

Multiple Indictments in Different Trial Courts Spurred More Search Queries

The events that made the year 2019 the most damning year for R. Kelly, and his name the most searched on Google, took new spins in the months following the airing of “Surviving R. Kelly.” Multiple indictments for aggravated criminal sexual abuse were brought to the courts of Cook County and in Chicago, Illinois, in Minnesota and in New York.


In October 2019. Brooklyn federal judge Ann Donnelly ruled that for all the charges presented to her for judgment and ruling, home detention will not stop the accused R&B singer from intimidating witnesses while awaiting trial.

Judge Donnelly ruled that due process will continue but at the pace of the courts: In the meantime, the Brooklyn judge ruled that R. Kelly is to remain in jail, while awaiting May 18, 2020, the trial date set by the judge.

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