You Will Need An Air Purifier For Your Music Studio

Those who have a music studio at home, you will need an air purifier ( to allow you to work better. This is true for other artists who have their own work studios at home. Let’s take a look at how air purifiers work.

How air purifiers work

Air purifiers, like air washers, have a fan that draws in the room air. Filters are located in the air purifier, which remove and retain particles from the air , depending on the filter grade and efficiency . Filters can be designed for different particle sizes. It is also possible with air cleaners to connect different filters in series. For example, a pre-filter can filter the “coarsest” out of the air so that it does not unnecessarily burden the subsequent finer filters . The lifespan of not only higher quality filters but also more expensive filters would be correspondingly shorter. Some air filters also use activated carbon filters, which also contain gaseous pollutants can filter out. However, these have to be changed regularly since they become saturated after a certain time, meaning that they can no longer absorb substances.

After sucking in the room air and filtering the air flow, it exits the air cleaner in a cleaned state. Some models can still humidify the air, i.e. increase the humidity in the room. This is often desirable, especially in winter, because for physical reasons the air in rooms can be too dry in winter. However, air that is too dry leads to an unhealthy indoor climate .

Some models of air purifiers ionize the air . Anions (negative ions) are formed. The theory behind this is that positively charged particles and negatively charged ions attract and combine to form clusters. This makes them heavier and sink to the ground in the air. This method is not entirely free of criticism , as it can lead to ozone formation. Meaningful long-term studies are still missing.

For whom is an air purifier worthwhile?

An air purifier is actually worth it for anyone who wants to reduce the pollution of the air in their living space by small particles. The more particles there are in the air, the more harmful the effects. Small amounts , which can consist of mite droppings or pollen, are enough for allergy sufferers . Even normal house dust can often also be enough. It is important to buy an air purifier for the desired purposes . For example, this can be the particle size that the air cleaner can still detect. If you also fear harmful fumes or smells from furniture or building materials in your apartment, you should choose a model with an activated carbon filter .

Smokers in their living rooms also mostly have air pollution from pollutants and unpleasant smells. Even they take this out of habit. As a result, clothing naturally also takes on the smell and spreads it, even if the smoker is out of the apartment . Of course, non-smokers notice the smell in the apartment as soon as they enter the living room. Air cleaners with activated carbon filters are suitable for removing gases and odors from the room air . However, these require frequent filter changes.