How Powerful is Music?

Music transcends all languages.

It doesn’t matter what dialect you speak. We express feelings through our music. The lyrics and tempo relay a strong message and affect the listeners in a powerful way. Music play a vital role in knowing what is right or wrong. Song writers need to scrutinize the messages in every song they write since their songs can take over the hearts and minds of many people.

The music we listen to affects us in so many ways. There are times that the song being played fills our eyes with tears. Or makes us get up and dance to the beat. Music calms a person when they are angry or stressed. It brings back good and bad memories. Some songs bring us back to the past. A song can touch a person and speak to us in many ways.

The power of Music in Films

Music inspires many people. It incites one’s imagination. We listen to songs that stimulates are mood and energy while doing something. Be it cooking, drawing, writing or planting. Every song sets one’s mood. Humans have different feelings. We play an upbeat song while we’re exercising, put on love songs on a romantic date or spiritual and instrumental songs when we are on a meditative state. Some people get up in the morning and would know exactly what songs to play in order for them to be focused and ready for the day.

Music exists in our lives. Our religion and beliefs are expressed with songs. Toddlers learn the alphabet by singing it. Events we attend are rarely silent even in malls or some leisure areas. Music puts life at a party or stirs our emotion during a funeral.

Some people use music to help them in their daily routine. For some it makes them sleep soundly. Parents play their baby’s favorite lullaby to calm them and make them fall asleep. An album with classical music can be a great gift to our grandparents. Read more best gifts we can give to our grandfathers during retirement:

Music has also a great impact in our culture. The popular songs played over the radio reflect today’s culture. The lyrics and sound in every song portray a certain age group. Music is continuously evolving and changing. At this time there is a vast selection of musical genres. People listen to different types of music. Music and culture move together. What older people used to like before would not be appreciated by kids of today. After several years the songs we think are nice and cool will soon be out of date. This is an illustration of the changes that happen around us.

Music is indeed powerful. It has the power to culturally, emotionally and morally affect people.