Justin Timberlake Reunites with NSYNC in Upcoming Troll Movie

Justin Timberlake’s role in the upcoming Dreamworks movie “Trolls Band Together”, has spawned rumors about the possible reuniting of the NSYNC band. It can be recalled that Justin Timberlake’s launch of a successful solo career in 2002, was the main reason why the boy band broke up.

Apparently, there is some truth to the rumors spreading around for months as blind items. Now that “Trolls Band Together” already has an official playdate on November 17, 2023, the third instalment of the Troll franchise, has Justin Timberlaks playing a Troll character named Branch.

The latter reunited with his four brothers played by former NSYNC members who Branch had previously left behind, namely: Lance Bass, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone. In the movie, each of the four members has taken on surprise roles, including coming back to reunite and perform a new song with Branch (Timberlake.) Rumor mills have come up with a new speculation that the song will be the first track of a reunited NSYNC band but no longer as boyband that sung hit songs like “Bye Bye Bye,” “Girlfriend” and “This I Promise You” in the early phase of the Y2K era.

What Does NSYNC Stand For?

NSYNC is read ensync or in sync, which is taken to mean a situation or state in which two or more people work together harmoniously at the same time and usually in the same rhythm. Yet the spelling was actually derived from the first names of the original members, represented by the last letter:

N from Justin, S from Chris, Y from Joey, N from Jason and C from JC.

Jason Galasso, is the original member who decided to leave the band even before the group performed publicly. He realized early on that he was not comfortable with being identified as a heartthrob.