Setting up a Conversion List for Musicians and Artists

If you are the kind of person who does know or totally clueless about marketing, then perhaps, hearing or reading the term “conversion funnel” might terrify you. Yes, it can be a confusing word. After all, it is not meant to be used as a fancy term.

There’s Always a Rational Behind Everything

But don’t worry. Let me give you an example of how conversion funnel works. It is actually easier than how you are thinking it is.

A mechanic has purchased advertising for his or her website. In this case, the conversion funnel is going to look like the following:

Number 1. The visitor clicks on the advertisement.

Number 2. The ad redirects them to the homepage of the mechanic

Number 3. If the consumer has liked what they’re seeing, they’ll click on the contact page.

Number 4. The customer will contact the mechanic otherwise known as the conversion stage.

The conversion phase or conversion funnel mentioned defines what the consumer has done before they’re converted into a sale. For musicians or composers with mailing list on the other hand, the conversion funnel or conversion stage is going to look a bit more different.

Most of the fans do not see an ad and then immediately buy the music.

It is not how the music industry works. Allow me to cite you a very common strategy or technique that marketers use Clickfunnels Affiliate guide for this particular industry.

5 Golden Steps for Your Success

Here is a brief overview of how the conversion steps would look like.

Step #1. Sign-up or opt-in to your mailing list.

Step #2. Autoresponder or sending 2 to 4 emails on the span of 2 to 4 weeks.

Step #3. Give a limited time offer or LTO to consumers.

Step #4. Upsell to those who have accepted your LTO.

Step #5. You can add those who have made a successful purchase to your page as new customer list (optional).

It is okay if you don’t get it by now. Lots of other people do. However, if you are going to follow Clickfunnels Affiliate guide, it will give you a better overview of how to execute this process like a real pro.