Music: Healthy Way of Reducing Weight

It would be very surprising for many if I would say that you can reduce your weight easily with just 15 minutes! Well, it is not impossible with the help of MUSIC. According to research music decrease the blood pressure and heart rate. Music also decrease the level of cortisol and increase the body’s endorphins.

Music for a healthy body

Below are various ways and beneficial effect of music on our well-being and one’s body to be healthy.

1. Ease the level of anxiety

In a research study using cancer patients as the subject of the study in making music as part of their therapy, result shows that music treatment can able to reduce anxiety. However, not all kinds of music may elicit this effect. Take a look at heavy metal and classical music as an example.

2. Aids in the functioning of blood vessel

One study conducted at the University of Maryland School of Medicine showed that emotions triggered by enjoyable music may have a positive, healthy impact on the functioning of the blood vessel. Contrary to this, a study of volunteers who listen to stressful music can narrow the blood vessels, thus, reducing blood flow. In conclusion, listening to pop music would be an advantage.

3. Boost the immunity

A team from Michigan State University presented that music exposure may increase the level of interleukin-1. This compound is responsible for increasing the body’s immunity. Moreover, music in a classical beat imitate the resting phase of the heart which means that music slows down the heart rate.

4. Longer workout period

Music has the ability to elevate the athletes or gym-goers motivation while developing their performance. This made true especially when the appropriate music is being matched with the workout. In addition, music during workout can make you work harder and let it pass by quicker.

5. Consistent workout

Aside from making your workouts more enjoyable and easy to endure, listening to music during workout enhances better weight loss outcomes.

There are various dieting program that can be done along with workout. Example of such is the keto diet that you could explore more at However, in a study, participants who had their workout with music had lost around 4 percent of their body fat compared to those who had a regular workout routine.