Songs to Listen When Sad

We have plenty of reasons to be sad, and sometimes it is fine to just feel that you’re not okay. It is actually a normal feeling. And when we are sad, we have different ways to comfort us— just like listening to comforting songs.


A sad song has a way of digging down into your soul. The tears that emerge release the baggage you’ve been holding on to. Without a little help from music, we may not dig down deep enough. Most sad songs help us understand our own problems in a greater context and can be the perfect companion on a rainy Friday night when you’re left to yourself.


It is safe to say that there are words we find it hard to say which songs made it easier for us to speak. So here are a few lists of songs that would help ease your sadness. Let’s check this out!


Top Songs to Listen When Sad


Are you having your senti-days inside your favorite coffee shop? Or you are with your headphone in the train on the way home? Then here is a list of a few songs to help you heal your broken heart, your sadness, your anxiousness, and your blue mood.


  1. Against All Odds- Phil Collins

A moving sad song about what could have been, and what it feels like to experience loss…and waiting.


  1. Fast Car- Tracy Chapman

There are times where we want to give up and disappear. No frills, no expensive ticket to travel the world, we just want to go–anywhere. Ms. Chapman tapped into a deep sense of freedom we all wish to experience: to be who we are with who we want.


  1. The Man Who Can’t be Move- The Script

See you haven’t moved on and you felt like you still wanted to wait for that someone special, hoping that one day he’ll be back right at the same spot where he left and that you will be just there, not every cell moving, you will be waiting… this song entirely tells everything you wanted to say.


You can also check out a few songs like:


  • Almost is never enough — Arianna Grande
  • For the first time— The Script
  • Samson— Regina Spektor
  • When I was your man— Bruno Mars



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