What Yoga Song is Best for Your Yoga Exercise?

Music is a powerful key to the inner part of each person’s life.

When it comes to song choice or music preference, it is very hard to answer such kind of thing because different people have different taste. However, yoga goes well when there is music around as music is a healthy way of reducing weight. People who attend yoga think that music contributes a lot in engaging themselves into exercise and tie in with at an inmost level. Despite of giving some yoga mat reviews, below is a music playlist that may go along well with your yoga regimen.

Yoga Music Playlist

Check the songs and music below to help you have an intensified yoga session.

Yoga Music #1: Upbeat Music

Shake It Out” is a good choice as listening to it may help you to see the goal of yoga and meditation. This song by Florence & the Machines guides people doing yoga to find their true self. In case you are having a hard time and don’t know how to get through it, engage in yoga with this music.

Yoga Music #2: Pop Music

The song of Van Morrison “Into the Mystic” is a pop song that encourages individuals to stop stressing by controlling everything. Controlling almost everything will only result to utter confusion.

Yoga Music #3: Non traditional Music

Non traditional yoga music or classical music track like the song “Follow the Sun” by Xavier Rudd is one of the best choice for this genre. The song has rhythmic beats with combination of thrumming guitar that helps to intensify the yoga session. It also contains lyrics that may spur you to be conscientious. Moreover, this yoga music helps to build your intention stronger and elicit the energy to overcome your fears.

Yoga Music #4: Restorative Music

A shamanic sound during a yoga session can be a good way to restore your inner being. “The Moon Shaman” by Calm Whale gives a traditional sounds of the Native American that can lead you back to its roots. It has combinations of various instruments like rain-sticks, bells, gongs, and drum beats. In case you want to reunite with yourself, play this music as you do the yoga.

Yoga Music #5: Rama Mantra

Rama Mantra” has the sounds of nature with a mixture of beautiful acapella. This song by Kanchman Babbar leads you to a place where you become united with your soul.